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Opening the Wound

My Life with Trauma and My Therapy of Radical Allowing

The German No. 1 bestseller, now available for the first time in English:

Radically Allowing everything inside us. Everything!
Turning gently to our deepest wound, feeling exactly through our pain of abandonment, frees up all of our bound energy and finally leads us to the Big Laugh. And in the Big Laugh, we realize that all our struggles are caused by the avoidance of our pain.

Hellwig—originator of the revolutionary therapy of Radical Allowing—survived an almost unsurvivable childhood. He tells his story with passionate force, powerfully and directly, as only a survivor can do. Hellwig spent decades researching how to escape the toxic shame that his own traumatic childhood left behind. In this translation of the number one German bestseller, he presents the essence of his life’s work:

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Most of our energy is bound in avoiding pain.
As Hellwig shows, there are guardians in us that once saved our lives by keeping the pain of abandonment out of our conscious awareness. These guardians want to prevent the terrible things that once happened to us from ever happening again. Hellwig’s crucial revolutionary step is neither to change nor bypass these guardians (as common psychotherapy tries to do), but to honor them as the noble and powerful warriors they really are, determined to protect us forever.

Hellwig demonstrates

  • how to acknowledge these guardians
  • how to step out of their grip
  • how to honor them
  • how to go through “the eye of the needle”
  • how to touch the deep pain below
  • how to recognize and survive a “dark night of the soul”
  • how to immerse yourself in the Big Laugh

The profound reconciliation with our guardians reveals what they were protecting: our abandoned inner child deep down inside us, waiting our whole life to come into the light.

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